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Medium Selenite wands- 4"

Medium Selenite wands- 4"

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For thousand years, selenite has been an integral component of any crystal lover or alternative healer’s collection. It functions as a powerful ally in the shifting of stagnant and negative energies. If you feel there is a certain heaviness to your current life, an undesirable denseness, then selenite might just be for you.

HEALING ENERGY OF SELENITE: In clearing out stagnant and heavy energies, selenite allows for a flow of energy – new and joyous energy – that is liquid-like. If your heart and mind feel weighed down by anxious thoughts or a troubled history, you should welcome the uplifting energy of selenite into your life.

SELENITE USEFULNESS: Many people will recommend meditating while holding a selenite crystal. This allows for a conscious and focused practice that ensures you are hyper-receptive to the positive influence of its high vibration. Meditation, while being an exercise in clearing the mind, is an active investment in the restoration of your energy field.You can use selenite crystals bulk as chakra balance selenite charging plate, or reiki witch wicca witchcraft supplies.


Small selenite wands, approx 4" in length

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